Julien Abenhaim

Julien Abenhaim

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First Name * Julien
Last Name * Abenhaim
Username * Nodixal
Country * Canada
City Montreal
Nationality French
Languages EnglishFrench


Current Position Animator
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleGames OnlineGraphic DesignMotion Picture or VideoTelevison
Preferred Tools AnimationModeling3ds maxcombustionMayaPhotoshopXSIZBrushMotionbuilder


Availability: student


Well, since I just finally have my portfolio online, I would like to introduce myself a little bit. I have been into 3d modeling since I was 15 but never really got too serious about it for a career. Having my parents on my back to find a "good paying" job wasn't the easiest either, they kept wanted me to be a financial accountant or something of the sort, so I went to study finances for a year but really hated it. So after trying a bit of everything I came back to the roots of my true passion, 3D.

In montreal there is a school called NAD center, stands for National Animation and Design. I applied to it without really knowing how good it would be. When we started to take the lessons I was amazed at how fast we were progressing and this is when I found my new passion, Animation. I really loved the character modeling classes (given by Pascal Beaulieu) but once I started animating I really enjoyed moving the character rather than making it. So currently I am in my final part of my school year and will be out looking for jobs really soon.